Things I Like More Than Humidity

1. Skunk flavored water
2. Riding a bike with wheels made of palm fronds
3. Shocking red clothing
4. Being a human dart board
5. Being forced to be the third wheel in the rabid hyena section of Noah’s Ark

4 Comments on "Things I Like More Than Humidity"

  1. claudia w says:

    Gaw! You have humidity too?!? I say if I wanted Tropical, I’d head to San Trope or however that is spelled.
    I want my COLD fog back!!!

    • PJ says:

      I get that claudia. When it gets too hot and humid in July and August in NC we are known to seek out places known for cold fog. And revel in it.

  2. PJ says:

    #2 Bad dream material. Trying to escape the tornadoes (which is my forever bad dream theme) on a bike with wheels made of palm fronds. Why, thank you, Cupcake for giving my busy mind one more anxiety producing image. Sheesh.