Things I Like More Than That Stupid Robin Thicke Song

1. Having my eyeballs pecked out by a murder of crows
2. Being head butted by a cruise ship
3. Eating moldy Chobani yogurt
4. Intermittent blasts of Fahvergnugen up my butt hole
5. Life-threatening toenail fungus

8 Comments on "Things I Like More Than That Stupid Robin Thicke Song"

  1. Jeeze, I can’t decide. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the Robin Thicke song.

  2. claudia w says:

    I really enjoyed my moldy Chobani yogurt! Geez!

  3. midlyfemama says:

    I find it absolutely mindbogglingly perplexing that he even has a singing career. Because, to at least my ear, the man seems to be whisper-muttering. This is not so much singing as high pitched, whispery mutterings, which under different circumstances, especially when wearing a black and white striped monstrosity of a suit that makes you look like a well dressed prison escapee, might get one labelled as schizophrenic, put on some heavy duty meds and given a vacation in a long term care facility.