This Is Me If I Were An Equestrian That People Compared To Willie Shoemaker

People thought it not possible.

People thought the era of ultimate turbo graceful speed was over.

People said “Ah hell, place the bet. It’s not like we ain’t got money to burn.”

People thought they’d never see the likes of the magical pairing of one jockey with one horse that made a man believe in God again.

And then they saw The Mysterious Fleece Wearing Equestrian on her growth-impaired stallion.  And their souls were filled with merciful, blazing hope again.

Fer Pete Sakes On Fire In Flames Alive Look At ‘Em Go,
Thadeus Thoroughbread

8 Comments on "This Is Me If I Were An Equestrian That People Compared To Willie Shoemaker"

  1. The Farmer says:

    Monkey Croucher Fact of the Day:
    In an effort to keep his wee jockey physique, Laffit Pincay, Jr., the world’s winningest jockey, would take a single peanut, slice it into slivers, and eat just half of it for lunch.

  2. The Farmer says:

    PS nice form

  3. claudia w says:

    Oh my! You make me smile so much!

  4. The Zadge says:

    Not to be a Neigh-sayer, but he’s got to lose that blue wheelchair if he wants to compete at the Preakness.

  5. Catalyst says:

    Wow! Look at her go! It’s the Fabulous Cupcake! Streaking for the tape!

    (Well, not streaking, exactly.)

  6. Cupcake is a natural with a riding crop.