This Is Me If I Were An Indie Folk Musician

This is me on the cover of my album Peace Fart, a musical interpretation of that feeling you get when you’re in a quiet restaurant and you have very bad gas. I’m standing in front of my Vornado fan and reading Gandhi on the album cover (when am I NOT reading Gandhi?!) and I am clutching my trusty pink Buddha who I believe is responsible for my catapult to fame. I take Her with me everywhere. Her name is Mrs.Kookypants. I also happen to be picking my nose. That’s what free spirits do.

The name of my solo band on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays is Cloud Insults and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am simply known as Most Vaginas Are Kind. The weekends see me touring yard sales and gas stations and on those afternoons I call myself Wounded Parking Meter.


12 Comments on "This Is Me If I Were An Indie Folk Musician"

  1. ok, you got me with ‘most vaginas are kind’………LOL.
    Oh dear.

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      Kind or misunderstood is more accurate actually. Or mad. Kind, misunderstood or mad. Or bored. I guess I should stop.

  2. PJ says:

    Snazzpants grabs Kookypants while Gandhi smiles benignly, says, “I cannot instruct Snazzpants to stop until I myself have stopped grabbing Kookypants.” The community bows its communal head at such wisdom.

  3. Farts make me feel better.
    Same with burps.

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      That’s why I named my album Peach Fart. I was going to name it Happy Fart but I thought that was too pedestrian.

  4. I like your tail. That’s hot.

  5. The Zadge says:

    Can the Felonious Barkers open for your next gig?

  6. Can I please jam on the the cowbell? There is never enough cowbell.

  7. Catalyst says:

    You are MAD! And I love you.