Tree Worship

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

Would you look at her? The glorious yellow number on the left. She graced the property we stayed at while we were in our cabin that had a hard, dangerous, precarious winding staircase that Cooper refused to navigate. I asked her one morning what the heck we should do and she stared at me for a while before gently saying, “Turn off that Thought Circus of yours and carry your boy up and down that magical, unruly set of steps if that’s what you have to do.”

I think trees give the best advice, don’t you?

Yours In Listening Closely,
Adelia Adoration

8 Comments on "Tree Worship"

  1. I’m thinking maybe Garland’s resort, yes?

  2. PJ says:

    I’ll bet Cooper’s been like that ever since he had that job as the stunt double in VERTIGO.

  3. I spent a portion of my honeymoon in Bubba’s Blues Basement.

    • Cupcake Murphy Cupcake Murphy says:

      In Sedona? I think we’ve covered this but that’s where we spent time during our honeymoon and this trip was a recreation of that.

  4. “Thought Circus”–eheheh. That tree is glorious indeed.

  5. P.S. I had never thought to ask a tree for advice. I’m going to try that some time.

  6. midlyfemama says:

    I am pretty sure I have had a few people give me a very wide berth as I stand near trees and thank them for their service, and comment appreciatively on their fine trunks and magnificent branches. It needs to be done.