Tree Worship

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, October 2012.

We came across this rhythm and blues group as we were descending down a 12,000 foot mountain and we pulled over and stopped to converse and commune and applaud them.

You think I’m making this up but I’m not.

This group of Pines had a presence that most people will never see in board meetings.  And they smelled MIGHTY, like how FRESH GOOD IDEAS would smell.

And we sat for quite some time and conversed with them. At least I did. And I felt very grateful that I recognized them as holy because they told me how cute I was and they commented on my little triangle: Me, The Mister and The Hound and they said “You have a lovely working tribe there and you shouldn’t worry so much about your complete lack of guidance because—You and Him—you got it goin’ on and the fact that you’re both foraging for bright, shining goodness is the thing that will keep you free from lostness, free from harm, free from never finding the place where you are 100% you.”

I think trees have a certain sense of large, loving wisdom that’s hard to find anywhere else, don’t you?

Uh-Huh Yeah,
Professor Pine With the Profusely Verbal Branches

5 Comments on "Tree Worship"

  1. Midlyfemama says:

    I know these holy places exist, and it is good you recognize them and spend time with them. They always tell you the truth.

  2. The Zadge says:

    So I was a little worried at first when I read “my little triangle” because i thought you were referring to some L.A. bikini wax thang, but then I realized you were referring to the famous jam band Cooper and the Cupcakes and I was suddenly less itchy *down there*.

  3. PJ says:

    Trees. Much higher beings than humans which I believe have devolved from holiness. Trees are worthy of worship and of being listened to.