Tuesday Expert Advice

Dear Cupcake,

On special mornings, when it is that certain time that it feels like no one in the city is awake except for me, I go outside in my fluffy purple bathrobe and Ugg-ish slippers and I sit in my rocking chair on the deck and I listen to the quiet hums and rumbles that telegraph to my just-waking-up brain that there are others that are stirring. Whether it be a pre-dawn walker that whisks past the fence that protects me from the rest of the outside world or the bizarre, lone Toyota that hurtles by—its bass pounding out its windows, ploofing up the bottom of my nightgown—there are those few moments there when I feel like I’m all alone, living in the country and I imagine myself grasping on to that fluid silence forever. My question is—is this a sign that I should I move to Montana prairie or Nova Scotia or some other wide open space where I can constantly hear my own heart beat or should I stay put here, in the city, where I begrudgingly wait for things to come alive while I sip at my coffee?
—Caught Up In a Conundrum On the California Coast

Dear Conundrum,
Good Luck,

3 Comments on "Tuesday Expert Advice"

  1. Rowan says:

    I highly recommend leaving the city for an open prairie.

  2. Cupcake Murphy says:

    I would have guessed that. :)