What I Tell Myself

Remember that you know.

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  1. The Farmer says:


  2. Ahhhh.

    I came across an illustrated version of a phrase recently: “Be Still and Know.”

    I found out it’s from the Bible….and I believe it refers to God (“Be still and know that I am God”).

    But I like taking it out of context…..there are so many things we could just be still and know, instead of trying NOT to know, or working at proving….

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      I’m addicted to the lovely proving thing like Susan B Anthony was addicted to morphine. It’s my downfall every damn time. It’s most often the reason I say “Oh crap back to the drawing board I guess.”

  3. MidLyfeMama says:

    The hard part is trusting what we know, isn’t it.

  4. PJ says:

    I like it when Pema Chodron reminds us that we always have access to natural intelligence, natural warmth and natural openness.

    The difficult part is…remembering. Thanks. I’ll go be still now.

  5. claudia w says:

    What I know…I agree with you all!