What Would Clowny Do?

CLOWNYIf Clowny were the delightful proprietor of the pristine, perfectly organized neighborhood market, would Clowny think to himself “How can I make my customer’s experience that much more cozy and magical?” and then arrange for the store to be FILLED with wondrous Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Django Reinhardt tunes so that when you’re wandering the skinny aisles you’re struck with that well-being feeling that comes from listening to La Vie En Rose, thereby upping your delightful factor by about a bazillion?

Why YES!, this is EXACTLY what Clowny would do because Clowny knows that there is always another way to make things that much more lovely even if just a few people notice.

Oh Clowny, you’re the smartest. Thank you for your wisdom. We don’t know what we’d do without you and your wispy permed hair.

6 Comments on "What Would Clowny Do?"

  1. Now, see, THIS is the sort of thinking that may yet persuade me to not be frightened of Clowny.

  2. The Zadge says:

    Question: Does Clowny have a second set of eyes, that only see the world in the shape of an Instagram? Because I’m seeing some eyebrows way up top but then some extraneous box-shaped things underneath.

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      Clowny has several sets of eyebrows in various shapes. This is part of his Clowny charm.

  3. Wow, that face would scare me and normally I’m not afraid of clowns. He doesn’t have a chainsaw, does he?